Edit your Computer’s OEM Information with OEM Configurator

Every Windows computer has its own OEM information or we should say Original Equipment Manufacturer information that tells you about the make, manufacturer, and other details about the product. In case you haven’t seen your machine’s OEM information, then you need to right click on the Computer to see its properties which is actually the information that you see in the System Properties.

There are times when you want to change this OEM information of your machine either just for fun or to change this information to your personal information. Whatever be the reason, this is possible using any OEM information changer tool.

Here is a tool called OEM Configurator that can easily change your OEM information for you. An interesting fact to note here is that, the OEM information will appear for you if you have purchased your system from some manufacturer only (not if it is assembled).

If you use this tool called OEM Configurator you change the following information easily:

• Manufacturer

• Model

• Support hours

• Support website

• Support phone

• OEM logo

While using the Extra Options menu of the tool, you can edit the following options:

• Owner

• Organization

• Computer Name

• Processor Name

• Computer Description

• Product ID

Using the tool is very simple and so is editing the OEM value of your computer. The tool is compatible with Windows XP, 7 and Win 8 developer preview on both 32 and 64 bit versions.

Note: If you wish to restore the original information back sometime, do save the old list before making any changes.

Download OEM Configurator

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