Email or Facebook, what do you check first?

Here’s a new category that I am launching today to know and understand better the daily needs/usage of the users. Using this category you can reply back and tell your views.

So here is the first survey, Email or Facebook what is the thing that you check first after going online?

Checking Email is surely one of the useful things to do just after logging into the internet to be updated about your work but on the other hand, Facebook is the other thing that helps you in passing your time and be updated about the day to day happenings.

So tell me what do you check first between the two? Drop a comment below to reply.

19 Replies to “Email or Facebook, what do you check first?”

  1. i check email first even i check my email many times in a day but i check my facebook once in a day

  2. der is no doubt dat soon aftr conectng 2 net the 1st two things done by max no. of people is checking gmail or facebook, but when it comes 2 order, i do checking gmail always…..

  3. Grt to know about you all.
    Well for me its the Email first, as i prefer keeping updated of the work first 🙂
    Keep commenting guys!!

  4. Ofcourse Email because it is the way where I can get important information about our daily work and also monetization stats.I can tell one more thing if you have not email than the common sense is you have not facebook…lol…:)

    By the way Question is too cool.

  5. sure email,i must check my inbox every 10 or 15 mints, and there is always a new email after 10 or 15 mints, and about facebook, i always online on facebook. 🙂

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