EMBRACE+: Notification Bracelet for iPhone and Android

Having smartphone has its own advantages one of which is that you can be in touch with anyone using the apps from anywhere. Another great feature which I like is the notification LED on my phone that glows whenever I receive any alert like a SMS, email, facebook update, alarm or a low battery. But if your phone is on silent or say in a bag, then you will have to monitor it constantly to see if you received any alert or not.

What if I say, you wear a trendy and cool looking bracelet on your hand that displays whenever you receive any notification on your smartphone? Wouldn’t it be a great device to flaunt? Yes it is true, the device is called EMBRACE+ and is under development at present.


EMBRACE+ is a fashion accessory with true functionality! Whether you are in the middle of a workout or meeting, you’ll always be notified about important calls and messages. The EMBRACE+ bracelet keeps you connected to your smartphone and notifies you by flashing different colors for different apps and contacts. Moreover you can customize the color of the bracelet to any color you want. You can set different color to different alerts, say green to text message, blue to email, red to call from your mom etc or just a color to suit your current outfit. 😀

EMBRACE+ description:

It all started with the developers sitting at a night club checking their phones again and again for the notifications. It was then when they came up with the idea. The device uses optical science and incorporates optical fiber inside but looks trendy from outside. The device is also made water proof so that you don’t have to worry even in the rainy time or at the bath.


The battery is pretty good and can lasts upto 10 days but only takes 10 mins to complete charge. To customize the bracelet you will need an app which would be made available for free in iTunes and Android Store.

I liked the concept, how about you? Leave a comment below and let me know.


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