Emsa Save My Work: Typed Data Recovery Tool

Have you ever experienced the system shut down just after you were finished writing a long email? How many times you have lost your work because of power failure, blue screens, computer accidental reset, internet failure, user mistake or kids hitting the computer cables and any such unexpected events?

To overcome these situations there is a tool called Emsa Save My Work, which is a simple but useful typed data recovery program. Emsa Save My Work is a simple personal key logger that is not aimed at snooping, but rather to keep track of everything you are typing.

If you have ever experienced a program crash and lost the content of a letter or email you had just typed, then this program can be of help. It automatically logs everything you type and allows you to review the log and also save it to a file. The program runs in the system tray and can be enabled/disabled as needed.

Even after the computer crash, the data is stored in the folder where you installed the program (usually something like c:\Program Files\SaveMyWork) and look in the \Logs subfolder. Each log file holding your typed data is saved as one file per day, and the naming convention is ‘klogddmmyy.txt’, where dd=day, mm=month, yy=year.

Download Emsa Save My Work

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