How to Enable and Use Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail

I like using keyboard shortcuts, as it reduces our effort and helps to do my work faster. Recently I got to know a new feature in Gmail. According to this feature, Gmail supports Keyboard shortcuts. As we all know that it is better to use keyboard shortcuts for mouse intensive tasks, so we should enable this feature in Gmail also.

With these shortcuts you can easily reduce your workload. You can quickly navigate between mailboxes (Inbox, Sent Mail, Drafts etc.) and other Gmail sections including Contacts and Tasks using these shortcuts. So to enable shortcuts and assign hotkeys in Gmail, open Settings and go to the General settings. Then click on ‘Keyboard shortcuts On’ option to enable this feature.

Now to view the default shortcuts, use “Shift + ?” combination and a window will display all the shortcuts. The shortcuts are properly bifurcated into separate categories. These are the default shortcuts, now if you want to assign your own custom shortcuts, all you have to do is, go to Settings and click on Labs tab. Under this you will find lot of related stuffs. Just search for Custom Keyboard, select Enable from Custom keyboard shortcuts section, and click Save Changes.

Once you have clicked save option, another tab named Keyboard Shortcuts will be added in the Settings window. You will see the hotkeys that are already assigned by default. You can either change them or can use the default keys as well.

Once you are finished with choosing and assigning your own hotkeys, click on Save Changes. You changes will be recorded and you can use them as per your convenience, whenever you want. In my view this would be a great help for those who remain always busy in managing their e-mails.

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