Enable Desktop Gadgets on Windows 8 with Gadgetarian

Desktop gadgets were introduced by Microsoft with the launch of their OS Windows Vista. Although the OS didn’t do very well but this was something that was liked by almost everyone as it provided the ease to the users of using the daily utilities like calculator, notes, calendar, system memory and performance. The gadgets even continued to their next OS Windows 7 and the users really found it useful. However with the next OS Windows 8, MS had decided to take off the gadgets and surprisingly they are no more there.

It doesn’t concern most people but to those who liked the gadgets and really wanted to continue. Well if you are also someone who wish to use the desktop gadgets on Windows 8 then here is a utility called as Gadgetarian.


How to use Gadgetarian

• Installing Gadgetarian is very simple and you just need to download the correct archive file for your system out of the 32 and 64 bit options. After you have downloaded the package, you need to extract it.

• Now you will see a Files folder and an install.cmd file. Copy these to System32 folder in your system (usually at C:\Windows\System32)

• Right click on install.cmd and run it as Administrator (this is important).

• A command prompt window will pop up asking you to press any key to being the installation process. So press any key and get it installed.


• Now when you right click on the desktop, a Gadgets option would have been added in your right click context menu.

• You can now select any of the default gadgets and place it on your desktop.

Gadgetarian has got some gadgets by default in the package but if you are still looking for some special gadget, then you should check out more gadgets at the developer’s page here.

Gadgetarian works great to add the Windows 7 gadgets to the Windows 8 screen and if you liked it, then download it from the link below.

Download Gadgetarian

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