How to Enable/Disable Action Center Notifications in Windows 8

All the important messages related to the Security and Maintenance of your system that needs the users’ prior attention are managed by the Action Center in Windows. If you compare the action center of Windows 8 with that of Windows 7, then you might have noticed that the components that are notified by the action center are relatively more in Windows 8.

Basically these messages have been included in Windows for the safety of users. Like you must have seen that if no anti-virus is installed on your system, then the action center notifies you to install an antivirus suite and upgrade virus definitions to prevent the system from malicious applications and scripts.

I know it helps us a lot but don’t you think that the same message appearing again and again is really annoying. So if you want to disable the security and maintenance messages, then here are the steps that you have to follow:

• Open the Start Screen and type Control Panel and hit Enter.

• Then find Action Center in Control Panel.

• To change the settings, select Change Action Center settings from the left pane.

• Then you will find that the Action Center settings in Windows 8 are divided into two groups, Security and Maintenance. Uncheck those notifications that you don’t want to receive.

Hence doing the above steps your Action Center notifications have been properly disabled. You will not receive those action center messages that you have unchecked in the settings. Now, you won’t get annoyed by these messages anymore.

However we advise you to do these only if you can take care of these features by yourself, else you will make your system prone to attacks.

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