Enable or Disable Hibernation in Windows with Microsoft Fix It

Personally I have liked the hibernation feature of Windows very much as it allows us to save the exact state of our computer and resume from there without consuming any electricity. The biggest difference between sleep and hibernation is that when you make a PC sleep, it consumes some electricity (although very low) whereas this is not the case with hibernation.

When your computer hibernates, it saves the exact image of the system on to the hard drive and makes use of the system memory for faster login. If you check out the hidden and protected operating system files in your installation drive, you will see a file called Hiberfil.sys. This file is used for saving the system state when your system is hibernated and its size is approximately equal to your installed RAM size.

If hibernation is disabled in your system, this file is not present. You can manually enable or disable the hibernation option in your system by visiting the control panel or follow the below steps:

1. Open cmd, and ensure to run as Admin
2. Type powercfg.exe /hibernate off (to turn Hibernation Off) or powercfg.exe /hibernate on (to turn Hibernation On).
3. You can now exit

If you are not comfortable working on commands, then you can also make use of automatic script from Microsoft that will do this for you. With the help of Microsoft Fix It, you can both enable and disable the hibernation in your system.

Just visit the link below, and you will get to know how to get this done automatically.

Hibernation using Fix It

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