Enable/Disable Query Suggestions when Searching Google

Google, the most popular search engine has a query suggestion feature by default that really saves our time and also makes it easier for us to search.

But recently I came across several people who didn’t know about this and wanted to enable this feature. So if you also want to enable or disable the search suggestion feature while searching Google, then here are the steps.


For any browser

1.    Open google.com web page and click on the link of Preferences.

2.    Scroll down to the bottom and see the last option of “Query Suggest

3.    To enable this, check the radio button of “Provide Query Suggestions in the Search Box” or other to disable it.

For Firefox

1.    Right click on the search box in the browser (the one at top).

2.    Here you will see an option of “Show Suggestions” as shown.

3.    Check it and it will start showing the query suggestions in the browser search box as well.

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