Enable Media Centre in Windows 8 Release Preview (RC Build)

As we all know that a new version of Windows, Windows 8 RP has been released recently. It has lots of improvements and changes in the user interface. When Windows 8 SKUs were announced, Microsoft also stated that they are planning to remove Windows Media Center from Windows 8. With its execution, Media Center will be available as a “media pack” add-on to Windows 8 Pro edition only.

Windows Media Center will be available as an economical “media pack” add-on to Windows 8 Pro users only after the final RTM version of Windows 8 will be released. If you have upgraded your system to this OS they you must have noticed that Windows Media Centre is missing on your system. Thus in this article we will let you know the way with which you will be able to Enable Media Center in Windows 8 Release Preview ( RC Build ) that too free of cost.

Thus to add a media centre to your copy of Windows 8 Release Preview (RC Build) then:

• Go to the upper right corner of your screen and then click “Search”.

• Type “add features” in the search box and then hover over “Add features to Windows 8”.

• After this it will ask you to enter the product key, use MBFBV-W3DP2-2MVKN-PJCQD-KKTF7 as product key of your copy of windows 8.

• Click next and accept the Terms and conditions.

Then restart your system and you will find that Windows Media Center has been added on your system. The tile of the Media center will be pinned to the Start screen. But be sure that the product key mentioned above is used for the “Windows 8 Release Preview Build” as it will not work on Final RTM version of Windows 8.

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