Enable or Disable Close Button on Any Window

I came across a very useful application recently that can disable the Close Button (X) at the top right of a window thereby preventing us from accidentally closing it. The screen shot will describe everything.

It feels very irritating when you have accidentally closed a program or a window which was to be used further. So using this free software called No Close you can actually disable or enable the Close Button of any window.


•    Just run the program and press Ctrl + 1 to disable and enable close button on the currently selected window. (You can change the key combination).

•    Automatic enabling and disabling of close buttons on program start and stop, and on window creation.

•    Free and small in size (205KB).

So how did you like the application?

Download NoClose

9 Replies to “Enable or Disable Close Button on Any Window”

  1. This was a big help for a project I’m working on and I’m not sure I would have found it without your blog (I found this posting on the second page of results after typing “disable close button” on google)! Thanks for the great work, I’ll definitely be back to review some of your other postings.

  2. Very cool, though it seems I cannot get rid of the “X” in a full-screen RDP session (i.e. in the trapezoidal shape half-width bar typically on top)?

  3. I downloaded NoClose, but could not run the .exe file.
    Error message was “NoClose.exe is not a valid Win32 application”.
    Any suggestions???

  4. Followup: I downloaded from the website directly and got a working version. It only operates on the application window (Excel, Word, etc.). I need something that works on the individual window within an Excel workbook. Any suggestions???

  5. This is useful! Now I will never accidentally close Outlook or sql server management studio any longer! However, it does not work on applications with home made close buttons like visual studio (which I on the other hand want to close freely).

  6. thnks mate, this is very useful little software its solves my problem, i just want to disable the close button. i search alot all over the net some says use visual basic, use c+, etc etc…but this software resolve my big problem. thnks mate. this is very very useful. thanks a lot 🙂

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