Enable Pinch-to-Zoom Feature in Gmail on Android

I have recently shifted to Android device and have started using all the default features that it provides. I have also set up a new account on Yahoo email and also Gmail using the default apps. But what I miss the most on Gmail app is the ability to pinch-to-zoom feature.

Gmail app by default displays the email in normal size thereby taking larger than the screen size which of course doesn’t look good. I have to scroll sideways to be able to see the complete email. Pinch-to-Zoom is a feature that allows us to read the email by zooming in and out just by pinching the screen.

Gmail app had been just upgraded to the latest version 4.2.1 recently and this feature was missing from it. In fact the feature was still there but with some different name. The option that needs to be selected to enable this feature is “Auto Fit Messages” which will allow the messages to fit the screen size and then zoom in or out using the screen pinching.

How to enable:

• Ensure to download the latest Gmail app from Play store as 4.2.1
• Go to Settings -> General Settings.
• Check the Auto Fit Messages box.

Now when you return to the Gmail inbox screen you will see that your messages now fits the screen and can be zoomed in or out using just by pinching. This is a really convenient way to read emails instead of scrolling from side to side.

In my opinion the feature should have come by default to the customers as not everyone is aware of this setting.

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