Enable Smooth Scrolling in Chrome

The main problem associated with Google Chrome is the way it scrolls the pages with sudden jumps. After studying the feedback of users, company has taken steps in order to make navigation of pages better. The company has released an extension known as Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller.

According to the company this will enhance your browsing experience. It will make scrolling of pages smoother and avoid those little jumps. It has iOS-like kinetic scroll. Using this you can scroll lengthy websites comfortably. You can even adjust the Step Size, Smoothness, Smoothness (Forepart) and Acceleration Sensitivity of this extension.

As soon as you install this extension, it will get active for all web pages. This extension allows you to adjust/disable bouncy edges. Further you can blacklist various websites also. After installing the application you will get the same feeling as if you are using an iPad or iPhone. It will not affect your history database too.

The company states that: “The alert comes from use of tabs API that is for applying changes on configuration tab immediately to all existing tabs”.

However if you scroll down the page using your mouse, you will find this application really good but if you are using a laptop or a Macbook, then you may have some problem in using this. Because even if you move your finger just a centimeter away you will find that you have been scrolled down to the end of the page. But according to the reviews, the extension has really surpassed the expectations.

Download Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller

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