Enable the Registry Editor, Task Manager and Folder Options Disabled by Virus

Virus attack is common these days and we often come across the problems like Disabled Folder Options or like Task Manager and Regedit disabled by Administrator. These problems are nothing but virus activities. The virus has infected our system and stopping us from accessing these options.

Pressing keys Ctrl+Alt+Del opens up a dialog saying that “Task Manager has been disabled by your Administrator” whereas you are the Administrator yourself. It becomes very annoying when you think that you can fix this problem by going into the Registry Editor but it doesn’t show up. Even the Folder Options gets disabled.

This problem is generally caused by a virus named “Brontok” but don’t worry just use RRT (Remove Restrictions Tool) that can easily solve this problem. RRT is free and can successfully enable:

1.    Folder Options

2.    Regedit (Registry Editor)

3.    Task Manager

4.    Show Hidden Files option

The tool will come more useful if you use it in Safe Mode.

Download RRT


If you still can’t restore then use this script developed by me that may solve your issue. It can restore Task Manager, Folder Options, Registry Editor and the changing value of Show hidden files and folders option all at once.

Just download this script which i call “restore_all” and extract. Double click on it to add to your registry. Reboot may be required.

13 Replies to “Enable the Registry Editor, Task Manager and Folder Options Disabled by Virus”

  1. Them to won’t work for me. 🙁
    The first when I select the ‘Resitery thing’ what do ido after that.

  2. Regarding the RRT (Remove Restrictions Tool):

    The more recent virus variants coming out are disabling entry into Safe Mode when computer is turned on, which in turn prevents user from entering with Administrator rights. This is done by the virus by resetting the PC when entry into Safe Mode is attempted. If RRT cannot restore entry into Safe Mode (if a virus can disable entry into Safe Mode when computer was not under Administrator level, it should be possible to write some VBS script or program to restore this feature), then RRT is DOA and useless. The makers of RRT should take this into consideration and incorporate Safe Mode entry restoring to the PC, since otherwise all of their tools will be rendered useless). The main fault, of course, lies with Microsoft itself, for making it so easy for hackers to write stuff capable of altering the Registry in such a way that all these thing can happen, making in turn life miserable for technicians and troubleshooters.

  3. to boot in safemode type msconfig in run box and on the small window that shows go to the boot tab there at the bottom check the safeboot option and you will be asked to reboot the sys so when it does it ll log into the safe mode so its easier than pressing the F8 key again and again…Hope it helps…

  4. Guys win7 is better in all these stuffs…so stop using xp and go for win7 though a couple of software may not work but its less harassing

  5. Sir I’ve follow all your instruction,, but still the the “you may be a victim of software counterfeiting” doesn’t resolved please help me..

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