Enable YouTube’s Old Buffering Method to Buffer a Video in One Go

YouTube is one of my favorite time pass activities as I enjoy watching all kinds of videos there, whether it is music, inspirational or educational. But YouTube has changed quite a well in last some time and thus I find it irritating to spend time. Long Advertisements and YouTube rebuffering are some things that contributed to it.

If you have been using YouTube for long time now, then you already know that YouTube had disabled the complete buffering on a video in one go, which was very helpful with users having slow internet connections. To avoid the break in the videos, users used to pause it at some point so that the entire video can buffer in one go but with new technology used by YouTube called as DASH, the video buffering will also stop when you hit the Pause button. This might be good for the users with faster connection but there are users who still like to buffer the entire video first and then see it.

There is one more change that YouTube incorporated, rebuffering the entire video when you skip to some other point in a video. Definitely not to be liked by people who have limited data like that on cell phones. Well here is a solution to this, with the userscript called as YouTube Center, you can move back to the old styled YouTube and get some more features too.


All you need to do is just install the appropriate script for your browser, go to the Settings icon besides your login name on YouTube page to see the options and visit the Player tab. Now you need to uncheck the Dash Playback option to get the old styled YouTube back.


The script will also provide you some more useful features like disabling the advertisements, download button right under the video to download the video to your computer, Repeat button to repeat your playslists/videos and other stuffs.

I am sure you will like this script, do give it a try from the link below.

Visit YouTube Center

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