Encrypt a File using Quick Crypt and Set to Expire automatically after some time

To be able to maintain our privacy, we need to protect our data, and files in our computer. Sometimes, there are files that we need to protect from others like files having confidential data like passwords, bank accounts etc. It is always a good idea to encrypt a file so that even if someone is trying to open it, it won’t open.

With the help of this useful and free utility called as Quick Crypt, you can actually encrypt any file on your computer and maintain your privacy. The tool is very small in size and works very well. This tool is packed with many useful features such as:


1. Store encryption hints in the encryption properties.
2. Set files to expire after specified time automatically and once the file is expired, there is no way it can be decrypted (useful when you are trying to get rid of the file).
3. Encrypt files with a unique system ID which means you will only be able to decrypt the file from the machine that encrypted it (having the same system ID). Files can’t be decrypted by other computers.
4. Verification check, this feature allows you to check if the file was modified after encryption or not. Useful when determining if someone was trying to modify it.
5. File eraser, something that allows you to erase a file up to certain levels thereby making it difficult to recover the file after deletion.


All the features sound so much useful and powerful to me, that I couldn’t resist myself from sharing this tool with you. The tool is portable and free to use, and requires no installation.

If you want to check it out, then here is the link to download.

Download Quick Crypt

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