Encrypt USB Data Easily Using True Crypt

Want to transfer some secret information or files from ne computer to another using USB Pen Drive? Or got some important file that needs privacy? Solution is True Crypt.

If you also carry useful data daily from one place to another and are worried that what will happen if the USB drive gets lost, then this utility is for you. Even if your pen drive containing this secret information is lost, you can sit back and relax as the data can not be read by anyone who finds it.

True Crypt is an Open-Source software that can be used to create encrypted folders on the USB drives or the hard drives. Thus its major advantage is that you can install it on the USB Drive itself and use it as a portable application. However you just need the Administrator privileges for this.

Steps to use the software:

•    Download the tool True Crypt, and run the setup.

•    It will ask to install or extract, click on Extract and select USB drive as the target.

•    Run truecrypt.exe on the USB drive, and create a folder first to store all the encrypted files.

•    To do that click on “Create Volume” in the main interface and select the option to create an encrypted file container (as shown)

•    Browse to the USB device and select a random filename that should be used as the container say abc.txt, abc.avi or anything. Any name or any extension.

•    Now select an encryption algorithm, I would suggest AES and a Hash Algorithm like SJA-512

•    Choose a password, longer the better.

•    Move the mouse around to create random information and click the format button in the end.

•    Encryption is complete.

•    In order to use the data, you just need to mount the container we just created. This is done by running the trucrypt.exe again from the USB and then browsing to the encrypted container just created.

•    You will be asked for the password as shown below.

Happy encrypting!!

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  1. Simply no match for this program in the world.
    Prefect program and “Handle with care”
    Happy Secure data all time.

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