Enhance Right Click Context Menu with Right Click Enhancer

We have written several right click context menu editor tools that can add or remove entries from the right click menu, but here is another one that shares the same outlook. The reason why I am writing this tool is the ease of with which we can add, remove, edit the menu and do other several works.

The tool is called Right Click Enhancer and as the name suggests, it improves the right click options and lets the user perform more actions. Right Click Enhancer gives you power to control the right click menu everyone uses. This app has around 7 settings to improve your right click menu options making it easy for you to edit the menu.

Right Click Editor

Using this you can easily edit your options in the right click, either add the new items or remove the old ones. You can also move the items into the cascading menus.

Right Click Tweaker

You can do lots of actions with this feature such as listed below:

(1) Copy To Folder & Move To Folder :- When you choose one of the options from the menu, you browse to any place on your hard disk to copy or move the file to that folder. You doesn´t have to navigate to the place where you want to paste your file.
(2) Create or Print File List :- Allows you to print or create file list of a folder by right clicking on folder and selecting one of the option.
(3) Encrypt & Decrypt :- Allows you to encrypt and decrypt your files and folders. Files encrypted can´t be operable by another user on the PC.
(4) Open In Notepad :- Allows user to open any file in notepad by just right clicking it.
(5) Open file location :- Allows user to open the file location by right clicking its shortcut.
(6) Administrator Command Prompt :- Allows user to open an elevated command prompt with highest privileges from any folder by right clicking it.
(7) God Mode & System Configuration Utility (Vista or 7) :- Add the options to open System Configuration Utility (msconfig) and famous god mod from user´s right click menu.
(8) Problem Step Recorder (Windows 7) :- Problem Step Recorder is a hidden feature of the Windows 7. This tool bring this to your right click menu.
(9) Take Ownership (Windows 7 or Vista) :- Allows user to take ownership of files and folders owned by other users on computer.
(10) Copy Content To Clipboard :- Allows user to copy content of text files just by right clicking it.
(11) Search and Replace :- Allows user rename multiple files in a folder at once.
(12) Control Panel :- Allows user to add control panel in right click context menu.

My Computer Manager

Perform actions on your My Computer, Control Panel or Desktop with this feature. It is a great way to perform the same actions that can reduce effort.

Send To Manager

Allows user to add folder to their send to menu

New Menu Editor

Allow users to add and delete items from there right click new menu.

Right Click Cascading Menu Shortcuts Creator (Windows 7)

You can add cascading drop down menus with this feature.

Right Click Shortcuts Creator (Vista or 7)

Allows user to add the files or folders to their right click context menu. You can delete files and folders currently in right click menu.

Download Right Click Enhancer

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