Enhance your YouTube Experience for Chrome

YouTube is like an ocean of videos. In YouTube you can find almost all types of videos without any charge. But as we all know that nothing is perfect in this world, YouTube also lack some features. So in this article you will find a way to get those missing features and enhance your video viewing experience.

We can’t deny with this fact that YouTube has taken initiatives in order to improve its usability. Even still the developers are continuously working to improve the website but still there are some features that are required, and we have to depend on third party add-ons for those features.

One of those extensions is Fancy Tube. It is like a bundle of features that will exceptionally change your video viewing experience. This is a chrome extension which can be easily downloaded from the link given below. Once the installation is complete, go to the settings option and select for the Player and for the Playback according to your convenience. Settings include the size of the player, Auto HD or you can set the quality of videos as per your need.

The extension will add an ‘Auto Replay’ option which can be enabled for automatic replay of the videos. Other feature that will be added is the Adblock option, which will restrict the ads on the YouTube page (extremely useful in my opinion). Users having small screen will be happy with another feature called Scroll to Video, which will scroll the video exactly to the size of the screen.

Fancy Tube is a free extension which is very easy to use and will get installed on your system in seconds. If you are a chrome user and if you often watch videos on YouTube, then this extension is must for you.

Download Fancy Tube

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