Enlarge and Move the Gmail Compose Window to the Center

We all have been aware of the new feature of Gmail introduced some time back. This is about the Gmail’s new Compose email feature in which when we click the compose button to type a new email, there pops up a small window on the bottom right part of the screen in which we can enter the recipient, the subject and the message.

Well this might be convenient to some users but I don’t like this feature very much as I have the habit of typing emails where I have larger window and typing screen. So for all those who would still like to get something like that back here are few tips using which you can enlarge your compose screen and also move it to the center.


To open Gmail Compose window in new window:

To have the freedom of composing an email and side by side checking your inbox, you can open the compose window as a new window and not like a pop up. All you need to do for that is just keep Shift button pressed before clicking the Compose button.

This will open the Compose window as a new window and not like a pop up, and now you can still access your inbox.

To use Full Screen Gmail Compose window:

Gmail provides an option of enlarging the compose window and moving it in the center, for all those who would need a larger compose area.


For that you just need to click the Full Screen mode button present on the header of the compose window (as shown in the screen below).


Although the screen would not be a full screen but it would still be enlarged and will provide you more space to write and compose your message.

To always open the Compose window as Full Screen:

The problem with the above method is that when you close and reopen the Compose window again, it will be like a pop up again. So if you would like to keep the full screen mode, you will need to set up Gmail like that.

See the above screenshot again, and you will find that option to keep it enlarged (small arrow near the trash icon in the bottom).

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