Envy Apple’s new iOS 7? Get the iOS 7 Skin for Android

I have been a loyal customer of Apple for around 4 long years before I thought of moving to Android. Today I own my first Android phone Samsung Note 2 and I am pretty satisfied with it as it has several features that iPhone lacked. I am not saying if it is better than Apple or not, as it is just the personal choice and hence we should not compare the different platforms.

In case you are also one of the Android fans but kind of envying the newly launched iOS 7 for Apple then we have got something that will comfort you. Here is an iOS 7 skin for your Android device so that you can experience the feel of the iOS 7 right on your Android (please note that it is only the skin and won’t introduce any functionality of the same but I am sure you wont need that either lol).

iOS 7 have been recently announced by Apple and this time it has succeeded in gaining my interest as there are some new features that I can see in it. But with the power of Android and the ease of customizations that you can perform on it you can get the iOS 7 theme too.

via Gail Santos

A 20-year old student Gail Santos, who likes to play with her Note 2 phone developed the similar iOS 7 icons that she used on her phone just to see how her Note 2 looks with the iOS 7 theme. She instantly reverted back to her original screen after taking the screenshot (as shown here). She had uploaded the icons for public use at the dropbox location.

As per her, “I did it just for the sake of doing it. And I went back to my previous homescreen settings after taking a screenshot. In my opinion, both are good platforms. I’m not saying Apple is better just by doing this. Come on, don’t make this a big deal. The point of Android is you can do anything with it. I did this to show my iOS friends what Android can do”.

To be able to use these icons, you will need Nova Launcher (either free or paid version) which will help you customizing your phone too [via].

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