Erase Traces of USB Drives and CD-ROM from Registry with USBOblivion

We tend to connect lot many USB drives and CDs into our computers and even have connected many of those till now. Whenever we connect the drive for the first time, our computer saves the information about it in the Registry so that we don’t have to wait again and again to load the drivers whenever we connect it the next.

There are quite a few tools to even check the info of the drives that has been connected in the past and believe me you will be surprised to see the list too. But either to clear this cached information to make the system lighter or to remove all the traces of the drives connected so far to make the system securer, you need a tool called USBOblivion.

This tool called USBOblivion is free to use and have a simple interface with just two buttons and two other options. When you run this tool you will see that you will see the list of all the connected USB drives and CD ROMs. You can select the option of “Do Real Clean” which will actually erase all this info (or just uncheck it if you wish to see the simulation of what will going to happen on checking this box).

USBOblivion also have a backup registry option which is checked by default so that you have an option of restoring this info back in case you wish to restore it later on. The backup of the registry being affected will be saved to your Documents folder with the .reg extension, double clicking on which will restore the registry settings.

The tool is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7 on both 32 and 64 bits. Moreover this is a portable app as it requires no installation and can be taken in a USB drive. So just visit the location below and download the right USBOblivion archive as per your computer.

Download USBOblivion

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