Export your Facebook Photo Albums to PDF Files

Every one of us likes to upload our photos to our social networking profiles right? Similarly, being a passionate photographer I also have many albums uploaded to my Facebook profile. If you are also some person who likes to upload a new pic every now and then, then here is a utility that will interest you.

With the help of this online app called Albums to PDF, you can convert or export all your Facebook profile photo albums into a PDF file which can be used for many purposes like you can forward it to your friends or just keep it with you as one sole album. You can also get it printed, so as to keep your album with you always.

How to convert album to PDF:

1. Just open the web link provided at the bottom of this article.

2. Click on the “Try it Now” link present on the web page.

3. The app will now open in your Facebook profile, where you need to click Go to App button.

4. Now it will open all the albums having two buttons on side, Express PDF (clicking which will convert the album to PDF quickly) and Customized PDF (clicking which you can customize your PDF for description etc).

5. You can also remove an album; edit the default photo description too.

6. When you are done, it will show you Export to PDF button clicking which you can download the PDF created.

A collage of the images will also be generated along with the PDF file. The only limitation of this app is that, it will place a watermark on every image since it is free to use.

Visit Albums to PDF

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  1. Thank you for all the good work you are doing… the world needs more people like YOU!

    Your friend “in Art & Music,”

    CatherineTodd2 at gmail dot com

  2. Well, I finally found it (the link and the FB website). Finding the link on this page was confusing because there are a number of links. I finally figured out “Visit Albums to PDF”. I must be “slow.”

    You don’t have to post all my comments. But the actual link would be very useful, as I had to do a search for the app on FB and it first said it “didn’t exist.”


  3. Hi Catherine
    Apologies for the confusion, i guess the link didnt appear at your end, it is right at the bottom of the article. Keep updated!

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