Export your Google Docs and Data to your Local PC

We all use Google services like Google Docs, Picasa Web Albums and Contacts where we have our data stored on the internet. While the Google servers are very reliable, you might also need the data stored at these services for your own work. What if you require the documents you were working upon in the Google Docs?

For that purpose you need to backup or export the data from Google servers to your local computer. There are many services available for this purpose but the one we are talking about today is the Google’s official service known as Google Takeout.

As the name suggests, using this service you can export all the data, documents or information you have on Google to your local desktop in an archive easily. You also have a choice of either exporting all of the information in a single click or manually selecting the service you want the data from. However you just have to login to Google Takeout first to be able to access your data.

When you visit Takeout, you can either click on “All of your Data” to select all the data you have on Google with your profile or can select the option of “Choose Services” to manually select the services for the data export. You can select from lots of services like Docs, Picasa, Buzz, Circles and Contacts etc.

After you have done selecting the services, just click on the Create Archive button and you will be provided with the download link from where you can save the file on your desktop. You can download the file within a week after which it will be deleted from the server automatically.

Visit Google Takeout

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