Export your Twitter Account as Documents with twDocs

Most of us are with Twitter for a long time now and there are times when we wish to save certain tweets, mentions or direct messages with us for later use. If this had also happened to you then am sure you would be looking for something that can backup your twitter account. Well this article will let you know how to export your twitter profile as text documents for later use.

Twitter has gained its place in the online market and with the advantages it provides, we usually use it daily, don’t we? With the help of this free web service called twDocs you can save and export your twitter activities like tweets, mentions, direct messages and search results etc into text documents like pdf, txt, doc, xls, csv or html. I am not sure how much useful it will be for everyone but for someone who wishes to save certain mentions, tweets and other activities about him (say praises) should definitely give it a try.


Using this service is very easy as you don’t need to make any sort of installation. Just visit the service (link at the bottom), click on the link for the feature that you wish to use. It will then ask you to authorize the app so that it can access your twitter profile. You can also choose the output format which is set to PDF by default.


Using twDocs, you can also select to save certain amount of activities (if not the entire profile). If you decide to export your latest tweets then you can select up to maximum of 3200 last tweets. When you are all set to use the service, just scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Go button.

If you wish to give twDocs a try then here is the link to the service.

Visit twDocs

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