EyePro v3 Protects your Eyes from Computer related Strains

Are you a student or a working professional who spends most of his time over the computer either working or learning? So whichever category you fall in, if you have a computer related job then you should definitely give this post a try. It is a well known fact that people who tend to spend most of their time working on the computer, have more chances of developing computer vision syndrome, dry or red eyes and also difficulty in focusing.

I know there is no option (since you can’t quit your job) and you still have to work for long hours on the computer but there is something you can do. Taking long and short breaks at regular intervals is always helpful in protecting your eyes from computer related strains. While some people take care of these themselves, others often forget to take a break.


Thus here is a free software utility better termed as healthware for you called as EyePro v3, which will periodically remind you that you are supposed to take breaks. EyePro is a work stress relieving and Eye Healthware that regularly reminds you to take “Breaks for your Eyes” with many exciting, customizable and Innovative features.
The tool is not that simple as it sounds, as it also provides you with many things as mentioned below:

• EyePro lets you take long breaks or short breaks by reminding you before the specified time. During the breaks it also provides you option of doing some general exercises, solving quizzes, reading jokes or reading some motivational quotes.

• The tool also provides some facts and tips related to eye during the breaks and have also got a user friendly interface that you will like.

• EyePro also records your data and shows them as statistics so that you know how many times you have skipped the breaks and postponed it. You can also check your eye health status based on the facts.


The tool has lot many options which you should configure before starting such as configuring the time duration of the long and short breaks, and the time when should they start. You can also pause monitoring when you are going out on your own and don’t want the clock ticking.

If you want to take a break anytime, you can also do that as the tool have the option of taking a break now. All in all, a good utility to take care of your eyes and put a less stress on it.

Download EyePro v3

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