Facebook and Twitter App for Google Glass Launched

After the computers, mobile phones and tablets it is time to switch to Google Glass. This internet connected Glass looks very promising and has the potential to stay in future, this is why we are constantly seeing major companies launching their apps for the device. Recently Facebook and Twitter which are two famous social networking websites have officially launched their apps for the Google Glass which can be used with the Glass on.

So what does that mean? This simply means people wearing the Google Glass won’t have to switch to their computer or cell phone to be able to use Facebook. Built by Facebook, this app allows you to upload photos from Google Glass directly to your Facebook timeline. Moreover, you can also add an optional photo description, just by speaking it little loud and clear. Right now, users can’t tag people in photos from Glass, but they can tag the pictures after sharing them by going on a computer or mobile device.


Although the Glass is not released officially for public, we can see more and more companies already gearing up for the next revolution. This Thursday, Twitter also launched their app for the Glass about which you can read more here.


Using these apps like Facebook would be simple for the users, for example you will see a small icon on the right side of the image that you have already shared on Facebook (same goes for other apps too). If you then need to add some description to the image, that is also possible just by tapping it and speaking into the glass.

With Twitter for Google Glass, you can share photos to Twitter. The Tweet will automatically include the text, “Just shared a photo #throughglass”, as shown in the screenie above. [via]

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