Facebook Favorite lets you Save any Facebook Post for Later in Chrome

For all the Facebook fans, who like spending their lot of time on Facebook, it can get real tiring to scan their news feed and imagine you have lots of friends, then you might miss some or other update from your friend. Although Facebook is constantly improving and providing new features but there is always a scope of improvement.

We have written about Dislike button earlier but today is something different that can actually save you time and never miss an update again. It’s called the Facebook Favorite button and what it does is, it allows you to mark any update on your wall as Favorite so that you can read it later and don’t have to scan the entire wall again to go and look for it.


This is an extension for the Chrome on your computer, which places an extra button on your Facebook feed so that if you running out of time or want to read some update later, then click it as Favorite. The update will get added to your Chrome cache and you won’t have to scan the feed again to look for it.


The extension will place a button on your right top corner, clicking which will pull all your favorite posts, so that you can read them directly. The extension provides two ways of reading the updates, either in a list way or in a feeds way. List would be plain and direct while feeds will show you some images. However be aware of the Clear cache button which will remove all your posts, the button is also placed right across, so be a little more cautious while clicking other two buttons.


In this way you won’t miss any or important update from your friends and can read them whenever you have time. So if you like this extension, you can download from the location below.

Download Facebook Favorite

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