Get Facebook Notifications on your Desktop even when Chrome is Closed

We all like Facebook, don’t we? For all those people who are always interested in checking their notifications and updates and tend to either login again or keep the Facebook running, here is some good tool. Since it is little irritating to login again and again or keep the browser running all time, here is a Chrome extension that will help you in checking the Facebook Notifications even if your browser is closed.

The extension is called as Fruum Notifier (only for Chrome) and currently monitors only Facebook but as per the developer it might get more services soon. So all you need to do to be able to monitor the Facebook notifications without even keeping the Chrome browser working, is to just install the extension, configure it to your Facebook account and enable the toggle button to ON. When this toggle button is set to ON, you can actually set if you wish to keep this extension working or not, the option for which can be accessed in Tools -> Extensions -> Fruumo Notifier -> Options.


After the extension has been made to work, you will start receiving the notifications live which will be shown in a rectangular box on the bottom right corner of the screen. The notification will show the display image of the person, his name, and the type of activity he made, clicking on which you can open your Facebook profile in the browser itself.


The icon installed in the system tray of your computer will also record the count of notifications if you haven’t been able to check them for some time. This icon also lets you disable the extension for some fixed period of time, in case you wish to not to receive the notifications temporarily.

If you like the extension you can get it for your browser from the link below.

Install Fruum Notifier

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