Facebook Privacy Bug, Public Timeline Cover Photos

Timeline was introduced by Facebook sometime back and it was not liked by everyone including me due to some or the other reasons but it is when FB has decided to switch the normal and old classic profile to timeline for everybody all-round the globe, that I have no choice but to start using it.

On 4th few days back, my profile was compulsorily switched to timeline and this was when I had setup a cover photo for myself first time ever. Since this was the first time with me I wasn’t aware of this privacy bug with FB on Cover pics. In case you also don’t know then the bug here is that all the Cover Photos on Facebook are public be default and you can’t even change the privacy type.

I tried changing the privacy type from public to friends but to my surprise there wasn’t even an option for doing so. Although FB notifies you when you upload a pic to your Cover mentioning that the photo uploaded would be public but what’s the point of putting up a cover pic if anyone who is not in your friends list can view the pic and even hit the “Like” button?

When I uploaded the pic for myself I thought there must be some option of changing the privacy later on but I kept searching and never found one. It was then when someone I didn’t know liked the photo I uploaded on my cover, I realized how insecure this feature is.

I mean what’s the use of the other privacy settings on our other albums if we can’t put a privacy setting on the cover pic? Obviously most of us will like to upload our own pic but now I think we will have to think twice in selecting the cover photo we are uploading.

In short it means that:

• Your cover photos are public
• Not only one single pic, complete cover album is viewable by public
• Anyone can view, or download the image
• There is no way to hide a cover pic from the people not in your friends list.

What you think about this, drop a comment below to let us know.

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