Facebook Security Guide to keep your account Safe

Facebook is so popular these days that it had gained the attention of many attackers and hackers from all round the globe. There are so many types of attackers that keeping our facebook account protected has become a difficult task.

Facebook, thus, have recently launched a security guide called “Facebook Security Guide” that aims at protecting our account from different types of attack and also providing us best practises on how to use the account so as to remain protected.

The guide is a PDF file of 14 pages that talks about various things like

•    Protecting the Facebook account
•    Avoiding Scammers
•    Using advanced security features
•    Recovering a hacked account
•    Preventing Imposters

The guide provides good information on the types of attack these days and the steps to stay protected from these. The guide talks about the following things keeping a good password, information on phishing and malwares, avoiding scams, avoiding malicious scripts from running, avoiding clickjacking, using secure browsing and recovering a hacked account etc.

Well if you are unsure of how to use these security features then you should go through this guide to have your information updated. The guide provides some great security tips too which will surely help you.

TS thanks one of our readers Sushil for suggesting this post to us.

Download Facebook Security Guide

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