Facebook to Switch Old Profiles to Timeline Compulsorily by end of 2012

When I ask people which profile they like out of the Facebook Classic old style and the Facebook Timeline then I get the mixed responses. Even I belong to the second category, I have never liked the Timeline feature and this is the reason why I have never switched to old style till now. There are many users like me who don’t like FB timeline feature and thus have not switched to the new profile.

But to those like me, it would be uninteresting to note that Facebook has decided to compulsorily switch the profiles of all the users from old classic style to Timeline by the end of this year. As an effect of this, couple of days when I logged in to my account I also saw some message at the top mentioning that they will move my profile on August 4th which you can see in the snap below.

So I have no option but to welcome this move and continue using the facebook timeline disabler scripts that disables the timeline but locally that is in your own browser only and not globally for all. Meanwhile they have allowed us to make some changes in our profile and do other things like understanding what timeline is, setting up our cover photo and etc so that we are ready to go when the day comes. During this period I have also checked for other privacy configurations so that my friends see what I want them to, after the switch has been made.

When the switch message first appears on the profile you are given around 7 days time to configure you account, learn this new feature and do other things. You can however also click the Publish button to immediately activate timeline.

Timeline is a new feature from Facebook and since the switch has to be made sometime or the other, I think people should be ready to accept the change and start using if not already. What would be your take if you come across the switch message on your profile?

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