Facebook to Officially Launch Graph Search for Mobile

Facebook is the most used social website today and you can find most of your friends on it too. So whether it is your lost old friend or someone who just met last night, chances are you can find them on Facebook. This is where Facebook Search comes pretty handy and if you remember Facebook had rolled out its Graph Search not so long ago.

The advantage that Graph Search has over usual search is that it makes it easy to search someone by suggesting the keywords like that of location, work and others. I like the Facebook Search feature a lot as I have been able to find most people using the Search (only those with some uncommon names as there are lots of people with common names).


Now since most of the people use Facebook through their mobile phones, Facebook has decided to launch the Graph Search for mobile users too. Graph search which is nothing just another way of using the Facebook search in your own natural language, is currently available for desktops and that too in English.

Facebook officials are aware that most people access the site from their hand held devices, thus they have decided to come up with the graph search on the portable devices too. The date of release is not yet announced by the officials however they have started working on the release.

According to Facebook, this Graph search feature on the mobile phone will help lot many users to find their buddies even on the go, easily.

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