Facebook to Retire its @Facebook.com Email Service

I remember the day when Facebook launched its email service @Facebook.com and linked it up with our Facebook profile. That was the day when I signed up for it and updated it on my Facebook profile page however that was the same day I checked it. Yeah, since then I have not used my Facebook email service.

Similarly there are lot many users who are not using this service, moreover some even don’t know that a service like this exists. So in case you are one of those few people who are using the @facebook.com email service, then soon you will have to switch back to your old and more used email service provider like Gmail or Yahoo.


As per Facebook, they are getting rid of their email service soon for a simple reason that nobody actually uses it. Not to be confused with Facebook chat or messaging service called as Messenger, this email service is a different service in which the users can actually use the Facebook email to send or receive emails, which on the contrary nobody uses.

Now, when someone sends an e-mail to a Facebook address, it will no longer go to Messages, but rather to people’s primary e-mail address linked with the social network, like Gmail or Yahoo. This way Facebook would be able to focus more on other services like messaging service rather than maintaining something that someone barely uses.

Don’t know about others, but I never used the service myself as for me I would prefer using something that is more reliable and known to all, like Gmail and Yahoo as my email service providers.[via]

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