Facebook Updates Privacy Settings, Anyone can Search you now

Facebook is not only social website to check what’s happening with others and stay updated with your friends but you can also find your old friends whom you have not talked for a long time now. Facebook provides good way to search for “searchable” people. By searchable I mean those who had not changed their privacy setting to not allow their profile from appearing in the searches.

Facebook had also recently launched their new graph search which allowed users to find others easily based on their name, location, work and other things but still it didn’t apply to those who had opted out from appearing in the searches. I, myself, had found many people using the Facebook search and there were others whom I know but wasn’t able to find.


Well, Facebook had announced that it will start rolling out its new Privacy setting which will allow the users to find anyone on Facebook, or in other words, anyone would be able to search you on Facebook and you won’t be able to opt out off the search. In addition to this, only those whom you have blocked will not be able to find you using the Facebook search.

While this may not come as a good news to many, the reason why Facebook is introducing this or I should say, Facebook is removing the option of “Who can look up your Timeline by name?” is that it want to make the search easier for people who were unable to find others they know personally using their name and location. However what they can see after finding you is only based on what you have shared to the public.

For me, it’s like a good change and will allow me to look up anyone whether I know or not using name, location and other filters. But for those who don’t like to be searched, the question is why would you want to use Facebook then?[via]

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