Facebook Want Button coming soon?

For all the social network addicts Facebook is one of the most used website. What I like about it is the ability to stay connected with my buddies with ease and we can also express our like/dislike with the help of the Like button. Although the Dislike button is what I miss, Facebook is still one of my time spending activities.

If you also love FB then am sure this news will surely interest you. Facebook is currently testing its new button called as the Want Button which will be released soon. Facebook has started working with seven retailers that includes Pottery Barn and Victoria’s Secret that enables the users to flag those images of the product which they like and actually want in their “wish list”.

Users can even share this list with their friends online to let them know what they like and want to buy in near future. Since Facebook had tied up with the retailers, it will be possible for them to buy these products directly from the Facebook and as per some official statement made by the company spokeswoman; Facebook will not receive any sort of commission in between.

This feature will allow the users to shop online directly via Facebook and also share the wish list with their buddies. The Want button will be made available to some of the users as a part of test be default whereas to the others it would be available by invitation only.

Can you imagine, if FB automatically sends out the wish list created by someone to his friends (say on his birthday) so that they can plan to buy anything out of it? This would create more interest in the Want button isn’t it? 😀 [via]

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