Facebook Web Search Coming Soon?

The web is all about the queries and the results. For all those who like to spend most of the time on internet, surfing and searching Google, you might get a new search engine soon. Whether or not you like Google, you were supposed to use it to make queries and get a pile of results but not now as it seems like competition in search engines is now growing and we now might see a new competitor soon.

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of famous social website Facebook indicated that the users might see a new web search engine developed by them. According to him, people are already using the Facebook search feature to find the social details of others and they are handling lots of queries daily. He also added saying that, they have a team of people working on developing the so called Facebook Search Engine, and at some point they will do it.

According to him, there is something that Google and current search engines are missing. Instead of producing a pile of results, they should correctly and aptly answer a query just by proving a specific answer to a specific query made.

So if we are to see this new Facebook SE, we should expect some major change how the search engines have been working till now. It won’t be wrong either to expect a major difference between Google and Facebook SEs. At least there is one thing that is clear, with all the info Facebook already has, they should not find it difficult to establish than any other new startup.

We will have to wait and see what the company plans about this initiative but users are sure to get benefitted. Well there could be a new era of internet with the advent of Facebook web search, who knows it could be Facebook Ads next. [Via]

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