Feature Rich Screenshot Capture Tool for Windows 7 and 8

Time and again we need to take the screenshot of the screen in front of us. Whether it is for some proof, or just downloading some image that do not have any download link, screenshot capture tool comes to rescue. Although by default Windows have a screenshot capture wizard known as Windows Snipping Tool but it is quite plain and don’t have much photo editing features.

If you are some kind of person who needs to take the screenshots again and again then here is some tool that will interest you. This tool is called Free Screenshot Capture and as the name suggests, the tool is free to use. What makes this tool different from others is that it is very easy to use yet powerful utility which has been found to work on both Windows 7 and Windows 8.

 Not only capturing the screen, it can also help you in capturing webcam, pick colors from screen and identify them (color picking wizard will help you in identifying the color name without the use of any more tool). It also includes some other tools like screen protractor, screen ruler, screen magnifier which will help you in one of the other scenarios while working on the system. Moreover using these measurement tools you can capture the images accurately and within dimensions and angles.

One more feature that impressed me was the Screen Capture with Delay feature which actually allows you to capture the screen after the specified time interval. Sometimes we need to capture a screenie not instantly but after performing some operations; this will come handy in those situations. You can also use the capture screenshots for instant captures and also adjust the screen brightness with this tool.

In short Free Screenshot Capture is a feature rich utility that can come handy in lot of different situations.

Download Free Screenshot Capture

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