File Manager for iPhone: View all Files on your iPhone

Our smartphones are capable of doing so many things that expecting it to view files would not be wrong. With so many features provided in our smartphones, we should make full use of these. All smartphones including iPhone is capable of reading various file formats (apart from the normal image, audio and video formats) like word docs, excel files and PDF.

The only limitation that I feel here is that to be able to view all these files we need to download and run different third party apps on it. There should be some app that can read and display all the files in the phone right at the same place without the need of going to different apps. This task can be easily done with the help of some file manager app that can manage all the files present in the phone and display them.

Well if you have iPhone or iPad, here is some good news. With the help of this app called File Manager, you can not only see the complete list of files present in your iPhone but also read them right at one place without the need to go anywhere else. You can add any file to the app via iTunes just by dragging and dropping the file in the app folder in iTunes.

There are 3 more ways of adding files into the app that is via Dropbox, Browser and Image Gallery. If you have a Dropbox account, you can download files from there and read them. If you know download link of some file, you can download it right into the app using the browser in the app and you can view images using the Image Gallery option of the app.

Moreover there are some other actions that you can perform on the files present, like renaming them, deleting, archiving or zipping them. So in case you wish to try out the app, visit the link below (however the app is paid currently).

Download File Manager for iPhone

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