File Secure Free: Backup, Encrypt and Shred Files, Lock USB

Keeping files safe is very important as much it is important to maintain the security of our system. It is highly recommended to back up our data time to time so that we don’t lose any important data with us due to some unforeseen system crash. It is also important to encrypt our private data to avoid its misuse. But if you wish to do all these, you may be requiring different tools for each of the task.

Here is a tool called File Secure Free which is incorporated with functions of 4 different tools and can really help you without installing any such tool. File Secure Free can be used to create backup of a system, encrypt files, shred any file completely and also locking/unlocking an usb pen drive for the data protection.

File Secure Free, as the name suggests, is free to use and small in size which can be used as a portable tool too. There are 4 different tabs on the program using which are very easy. For taking a backup of any file/folder, just drag and drop the (or add them) to the program window, and click Backup. The output will be a .dfi file which will be backed up using some algorithm. To recover the backup back, you can select this .dfi file and click the Recover button.

File Encryptor also works in similar process. Just select the files to encrypt and the output after the encryption will be a .dfc file which can be decrypted using the same tool.

What I liked about the tool more is the File Shredder tool, which allows us to select different algorithms for the shredding and ensures that the file is destroyed completely by running multiple passes. Just browse for the file, select an algo from the list and click Shred. Be little cautious while doing so as the file would not be recovered back.

The next option is the Lockup tab with which you can lock any USB device with password so that it can’t be opened by anyone who is not authorized to do so. Connect the drive and provide the password to make it unreadable to other computers. You can connect it back to remove the lock too.

If the tool also interests you then you can download it from the location below.

Download File Secure Free

2 Replies to “File Secure Free: Backup, Encrypt and Shred Files, Lock USB”

  1. dear rajat, i had installed file secure in my laptop having windows 7.. and encrypted few files (video and jpg pics) kept in a pendrive. recently i changed my laptop and brought a new one with windows 8. afterthat i had instaleed file secure 1.1 (same as b4) but when i imported the encrypted .dfc files from pendrive and tried to decrypt, it is showing abnormal function. hence i cant open the file.. its very urgent for me now.. please suggest and help

  2. Hi Plethora,
    Actually every encryption tool uses some kind of algorithm/key to encrypt a file and decrypt it back. If you had changed the laptop and installed a new version, that means, the key is gone.
    I would suggest you to contact the developer of this tool (send an email) and see is there any way out.

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