Fill up your Browser for Images, Videos and Games with FullScreen Anything

Viewing images, videos and playing games in full screen looks good to the eyes, isn’t it? Since we are able to see all the details of the images and the videos easily, it certainly looks good. Another advantage of running the videos and playing games in full screen is that we are able to focus only on the important stuffs and the other less important things like the ads are hidden in the background.

While most of the times the players or the application we run provide us the option of maximizing the videos and games, sometimes they don’t (because of the scalability issues). In those cases, when you don’t have any option to maximize the multimedia and fill up your screen, this extension called as FullScreen Anything will come handy.


The extension is for Chrome users only and as the name suggests, it helps in maximizing images, videos and the games to fill up your chrome browser so that you can view the media in full screen (not the screen but the chrome browser thereby allowing you to switch to another tab too while maintaining the multitasking).


You just need to install the extension, and click the button which will be added in the address bar or press Ctrl + Space to enable the extension. Similarly to exit out of the full screen mode, you need to press the button or those keys again.

While the developer has not mentioned how the extension works in the background, we believe that it looks for all the multimedia stuffs on the page and allow us to select which one to maximize and turn into full screen without losing the quality. The extension has been found to work for many websites including YouTube and Dailymotion however there might be cases when it doesn’t work properly.

Still if you feel the extension is worth a try, then go ahead and download it from the location below.

Download FullScreen Anything

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