Filter out Google Images based on Reuse Licenses

Google is the most used search engine today, which is used to not just to find information on something but also to look images about something and if you are a webmaster then you do this quite often. However, not all the images on Google are free and safe to reuse on your own blog or website which is because of the Usage Rights associated with each image.

Then what do you do to publish an image on your blog? I usually take out my own screenshots about something which I have access to, and in case I can’t then I use the images provided by the owners for reuse. Most images on Google are protected with usage rights and the most common restriction is to provide the owner the credit for the image.

So as long as you are using the free images or providing proper credits to the image, there should not be any problem but to be sure of what all images you can use from Google, there is an option to filter out all the images on Google by using an option present right on the Google screen.

So here is what you need to do:


• Search for the term in Google or Google Images directly
• Click on the Search Tools button on the right which will give you some options right below.
• Now click on the option of Usage Rights to see and filter the images with the reuse option available.

Labeled for Reuse option lets you reuse the image without any copyright issues, while Labeled for Commercial Reuse option lets you reuse the images commercially too. The other two options of modifications lets you even alter the images before reuse.

So you can choose what all images are good for you to reuse and what not. This option was available in Google but under Advanced Search, and since it is now placed right on the search page, it should be easier to use.

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