Find Actual URL Behind Tiny URL

While surfing the internet we happen to come across several links that are important and want to either send it to some friend of ours or embed it somewhere but if the link is too long, which is usually the case; we can make it shorter by using the link shortening sites like TinyURL.

The advantage of using TinyURL is of course the link shortening service but the limitation of using services like these is that we can’t know what URL is the link being redirected to before clicking on it. This could be dangerous as some link might redirect to some harmful sites as well.

Solution to this problem is provided by the site called Untiny which can reveal the actual URL hidden behind the TinyURL coded link. The service is currently in the Beta version and is free of cost. You don’t need to install anything for that just go to their homepage and enter the TinyURL link, click Extract and you can see the actual link that would have opened otherwise.

Go to Untiny

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  1. Thanks for giving such a valuable information. Before reading this i don’t even know about tinyurl. anyway your blog rocks!

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