Find and Add Album Art or Cover Images to MP3 Songs Automatically

Music is one the greatest stress busters as it helps in relaxing our mind. Music is with us for quite some time now. I remember the time when I used to carry out music cassettes with me to listen to the songs on the go, which later turned into the CDs. Today we have the age of iPods and MP3 players which can carry the music without any additional accessory.

From the age of cassettes to iPods, what had not changed is the music album arts (or also known as Cover Images). Album Art is a picture related to every mp3 song from its own album used to give a short preview of the album. The Cover Images also makes the music library look interesting and lively. Imagine a music library having all the songs without any image, wouldn’t it look so blunt?

Although songs purchased from iTunes have cover images attached it to, but for all those who like downloading songs from internet, know how difficult it can be to download an image for a song that don’t have one. You will have to manually search the images for all the songs and update in the library.

Here is a tool called MP3 CoverTag that can do the entire process for you automatically. All you need to do is just browse for the songs having no cover image and add it up in the tool list (try not adding too many songs as this can slow down the system and also make the tool unresponsive). After you have finished adding the songs, you just now need to click the Start Cover Search button to automatically start downloading the album image arts for the songs.

The entire process is automatic and saves you from lot of burden. The tool is free to use and is supported on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8. However just ensure you have the .Net Framework installed in your computer for this tool to work.

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