Find all of your Likes on Facebook

Facebook has become the most important part of our lives that we can’t live without it. It has some very cool features one of which is a Like button. Using this Like button you can express your views towards any page, product or any status message.

If you like any update or page, you can just click the Like button which will be shared by all of your friends. The Likes that you have done gets archived and in case you wish to see all of your likes over the period of time then you can check all the likes with a great service called LikeJournal.

LikeJournal is a service which can organize all your likes as social bookmarks so that you can search and browse all the Facebook Likes easily. What you all need to do is just get on to this page, and login with your Facebook login credentials, so that it can access your FB data and get you the results.

After that you can check what all pages you have liked so far. You may note here that it will ask you to access your information like all other FB apps, and is safe to do so.

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