Find all the available Sizes of a Photograph on Flickr

Flickr is an online photo sharing service where you can view and upload photos easily. While viewing photos in Flickr you would have noticed that when you want to view a photograph in its original size you are required to make a number of clicks and go through number of pages so that you can find the desired resolution of the image.

So you can use a user script known as Show all sizes. This user script will reduce all your efforts and you will just have to make a click and all the available sizes will be listed before you. When you will install this script you will note that it automatically adds all the available photo sizes to the individual photo pages on Flickr.

This will link you to all the sizes that the up loader has made available on the website. When you will click on any of the image you will note that the sizes available for that image will be listed below that image only. Thus you can click on any of the size and it will be presented before you.

This user script will prove to be very useful for all those who want to view images in different sizes. This script will prove handy to all those too, who like to save the images as wallpapers since we would want the images to be at their full resolution only.

Though I have found it great to use in Firefox but when I tried to install it in Chrome, the browser refused for it. It seems like if it has been blocked by the chrome browser. We will have to see if the script gets ready for the use by Chrome browser, may be you can try it on yours.

Download Show all sizes

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