Find all the Friend Request you have Sent on Facebook

Facebook is a great place to add friends and create new ones. It also helps us in keeping in touch with all of our old buddies we knew at some point of time. Moreover it also lets us keep certain amount of distance from those we don’t know very well (with its privacy settings).

Yesterday when I was using Facebook, one of my friends added me and accepted my friend request. Although I have known this guy but I don’t even remember when did I send him the request. Actually the request was sent by me long back which he accepted yesterday. This made me to think, how many other friend request I have pending for people on Facebook. In other words, I wanted to check all the friend requests that I have sent to people but are still in Pending state.

I tried to search for something in the options but there was no option for that (at least no direct option). So for all those like me who would like to check the friend requests they have sent on Facebook, here are the steps:

1. Click the Privacy Shortcuts button in the top right section, and select the option of “Who can see my Stuff?”


2. Now select the Use Activity Log button.

3. In the left section, you would be seeing some options, you need to select the Friends button, but you might need to select the More button first to be able to see this option.


Now you would be able to see all your friends activity, whether and when you have accepted a friend request, sent a friend request, added someone to your list or even removed someone from your list.


Searching this list for all the sent requests can be little difficult but as of now, this is what Facebook has to provide to check the friend request you have sent.

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