Find and Delete Passwords stored in Firefox

Firefox is a well known browser. It is the tendency of all browsers to store your passwords and details whenever you log in to any website. Whether it is Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo or any other website, if you click on the option ‘remember password’, the browser will store your password as well as your email id for easy logon in future.

If you want to check the username and password stored with Firefox for a specific website, you can easily do so. Just open the Firefox menu and click on ‘Options’. Then in the pop-up window, click on the security tab and open ‘Saved Passwords’. A dialogue box will appear showing you the usernames and the passwords saved for each website.

To remove any of the password, just simply click on that website in the window and click Remove. You see that it is very easy to find someone’s password with just some clicks. It means that if someone is using your browser and somehow you are not nearby your desktop, anyone can get your password. In that case we would highly recommend you to setup a master password.

To setup a master password, go to the Firefox menu and open options and click on the security tab. Then mark “use a master password” option. Then click change master password.

A pop up window will appear that will help you to create a master password. After creating and saving the password, you will find that if you try to open the saved password option, the system will ask you to enter your master password.

Creating a master password is highly recommended because it might happen that someone may get access to your accounts in the absence of master password. This tip will help those users more who work on shared systems.

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