Find Complete Information about your System with CPU-Z

Looking to get information about the BIOS model present in your system or what graphic card, memory frequency and CPU model are? Gathering all this system information is not at all difficult and could be done using a free tool. Apart from these info, it also provide many other details.

The tool is called CPU-Z which is a freeware that gathers information on most of the main devices of your system. Following are the information that this tool provides:

1. CPU
• Name and number.
• Core stepping and process.
• Package.
• Core voltage.
• Internal and external clocks, clock multiplier.
• Supported instruction sets.
• Cache information.

2. Mainboard
• Vendor, model and revision.
• BIOS model and date.
• Chipset (northbridge and southbridge) and sensor.
• Graphic interface.

3. Memory
• Frequency and timings.
• Module(s) specification using SPD (Serial Presence Detect) : vendor, serial number, timings table.

4. System
• Windows and DirectX version.

The information is present in the window as shown in the screenshot above. The freeware is available in both 32 and 64 bit versions. More information about the tool can be found at the link below.

Download CPU-Z

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