Find CPU Information of your Computer with WCPUID

It happens many times that after buying ourselves a new PC we forget what configuration we bought and what were all the memory sizes etc. Not only in this case but if you wish to know the CPU details about any computer that is unknown to you, this tool will come useful.

The tool is called WCPUID and what this free tool does is it displays the CPU information of your personal computer. It displays the processor type, frequency, multiplier, chipset, brand, and other technical details. That means it lists almost everything about your system.

Apart from the details mentioned above, it also shows your system’s operating system and memory, and there is an option to view details for more than one processor. That means to find all the info about your CPU you don’t have to go anywhere and type several commands, just install this tool and start using it. Simple, isn’t it?

Download WCPUID

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